Glenwood Weber Design’s succulents were featured in the Glenbrook Valley Home Tour October 1-2, 2016 in Houston. Interior designers and enthusiasts alike had the opportunity to walk through a mid-century modern time capsule. Featured were mid-century modern homes, ranging from 1,300 to nearly 6,000 sq ft. For more information, visit Glenbrook Valley’s online newsletter:


Succulents As Botanical Artwork: Bold. Dramatic.

Houston interior designer, Ben Johnston consulted with GWD to collaborate on an upcoming design show. Ben’s project was being showcased in the Glenbrook Valley Home Tour.  This annual event celebrates the retro designs of Houston homes built in the 1950’s.

Ben discussed using an incredible art vessel from his collection. Johnston wanted Glenwood Weber Design to use this container filled with succulents for his showcase. This vessel was a faux-concrete statue head that resembled an ancient artifact. Glenwood Weber Design  transformed this object into a bold botanical enhancement using succulents and euphorbia. It was showcased as a focal point on a round cherrywood table underneath a dramatic black iron staircase.

Glenwood Weber Design felt very honored to be a part of Ben Johnston’s showcase. Glenwood welcomes more collaborations between he and the interior designer in the future. You can have your home or office transformed by Ben Johnston at Benjamin Johnston Design. He can be reached over the phone at (713) 876-0432 or via email,


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