Paper White season has rolled around once again! These sweet-fragranced flowers make the perfect gift for friends, family members and even for yourself. Paper Whites are easy, you just add water, making them ideal for both home and office decor. The neutral Paper White bloom is a great fit for any room’s aesthetic. Their fragrances is intoxicating so they will absolutely make you swoon! Paper Whites are available in 9 different base styles and we offer custom creations as well. Bring in your own container and let us style it with Paper Whites for you. You’ll have a home decor piece that truly suites your own lifestyle.

Get Your Paper Whites Hand-Delivered in Houston

Are you going to a holiday party soon? Send a gift of Paper Whites to the host early in the day on the date of the party. Watch the host or hostess place this gift prominently in their home and talk about it the whole night. Flowers are not just for births or birthdays anymore. In today, we can send someone a beautiful box of Paper Whites just because we’re grateful to have them in our lives. Think about someone who deserves to get flowers and send them Paper Whites today! Keep in mind our availability from September through early March

Glenwood Weber Design hand delivers not only Paper Whites, but all floral type gifts in the Houston and surrounding areas.


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