Garden & Landscape Services

Glenwood Weber Design has been in business since 2010 in the Houston area. Our garden and landscaping services span from a one day installation such as a beautiful lush cutting garden to ongoing  estate project plantings.

Our maintenance comes from the heart. Glenwood Weber Design’s skilled maintenance team takes it’s time and puts in extra effort to make your landscape perfect. Our reputation is stellar and so is our craftsmanship.


  • Mowing Sod and Trimming Edges

  • Shrubs, Ground Covers, Bed Areas in Landscape

    Prune shrubs
    Remove organic debris from beds including weeds
    Clip and border trim ground covers
    Apply curative and preventative insecticides or fungicides as needed

  • Tree Maintenance

    Trim dead or broken tree branches and tree limbs
    Prune trees according to seasonal requiremenets

  • Fertilization

    Apply liquid foliar overspray fertilizers, stimulates & tonics to shrubs and bedding plants according to plant’s requirements

  • Additional Services

    Call us for landscape, repairs and maintenance


Glenwood Weber Design’s maintenance work was featured in Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine for Houston.

Front Yard Outdoor Landscape Design

Landscape Design

  • Softscape

    Custom Gardening such as:

    -Vegetable Gardens
    -Flower Cutting Gardens
    -Cocktail Herb Gardens

    Organic Gardening Consultation & Practices
    Tree & Shrub Planting
    Green Wall Installations
    Flower Bed Installations
    Seasonal Color Installations
    Outdoor Planters & Pottery Planting

  • Hardscape

    Construction of Arbors & Trellises
    Flagstone & Brick patios
    Paved walkways & courtyards
    Enclosed Porch & Open Patio design
    Water Features & Fountains Installations
    Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations

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