Your home exterior pipes that should be protected from freeze damage include: Water Hose Bibs, House Main Water Supply and Irrigation PVB Valve.

Glenwood Weber Design has been in business for 7 years in the greater Houston area and during that time, we can count on one hand the times the weather in our area dropped below freezing. However, its better to be over prepared than not prepared at all. Here are some safety precautions that will help both your pipes and your wallet.

“First and foremost is to cover ALL the pipes for outside water sources.” – Glenwood Weber

Your Home’s External Pipes that need protecting are:

  • Water Hose Bibs 
  • House Main Water Supply
  • Irrigation PVB (Pressure Vacuum Breaker Valve)

Protect Your Water Hose Bibs From Below Freezing Weather

To protect the outside Water Hose Bib you will need to first detach your water hose. Place a foam Hose Bid Cover, which can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store. These generally have a lanyard secure strap to keep the opening flush against the house siding. Loop the strap over the handle of the Hose Bib and snug the string tight using the bungee button attached to the lanyard.  If you can not use a foam pre-fab cover, then you can use a bath towel or blanket to wrap tightly around the bib and secure it with duct tape.


Cover Your House Main Water Supply Pipe & Valves And Leave Them Covered All Year Long

All House Main Water Supply Pipes either PVC or metal should be covered optimally with foam pipe wrap. The benefit for pipe foam is that they can easily cut and customize to fit your pipes nice and snug.  Duct tape is used to secure the pipe foam tube to pipes.  Alternatively, heavy blanket or towels can be wrapped around the pipe and secured with duct tape. Its most important that several layers of blankets or towels be wrapped around the pipe before securing the duct tape.


Turn Off Water Supply To PVB Valve On Irrigation Systems And Be Sure To Wrap Exposed Pipes

In order to shut off your home’s sprinkler system or outdoor fountains. You first need to locate the PVB or Irrigation Pressure Vacuum Breaker Valve. First, determine that the valve is in fact in it’s “ON” position. The valve handles will align with the pipe in the “ON” position. You will want to turn the valve handle to the “OFF” position by turning the handle perpendicular to the pipe (see images below).


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