Glenwood Weber Front Door Fall Color outtake

Day of the shoot warm-up opener for the “Front Door Fall color” video.


Glenwood has some awesome outdoor pottery ideas for fall! As we wrap up summer and move towards the fall its time to start decorating for this season’s festivities. Maybe you just want to do something creative around the house. Glenwood Weber Design shows you six simple steps to creating a pop of  fall color to your front door using pottery.

Step One: Select Your Outdoor Pottery

First and foremost we have to select an outdoor pottery. If you have a vibrant front door color (ours is pink) we’re going with a nice amber colored large opening outdoor pottery. This will give us plenty of room to plant numerous plant materials, such as seasonal color and tropicals.

Step Two: Create Good Drainage

The next step is the most important step. Prepare the drainage for your outdoor pottery. First, place a piece of screen wire over the pottery’s drainage hole. Then, add a 2″ deep layer of pebbles to cover the screen. Next, cover the rocks with a piece of fabric. Polyfil roll fabric is what we have chosen to use. This fabric will allow the water to pass through while separating the soil from the gravel.

Step Three: Fill with Soil

Next add potting soil to cover the polyfil fiber. This soil layer prepares a base for the plants.

Step Four: Arrange the Plants in the Pottery

Since our front door is located on the north side of the house, we have decided to use shade tolerant plants and tropicals. Arrange the plants by color, form, height and texture.

Start by placing a little pop of color in front of taller plants in back of the pottery. Fiber Optic grass has great texture. The form of a cascading ivy works great placed in front. Th color of the bulbine blooms works perfectly in combination with the other plants we’ve chosen.

Step Five: Eliminate Air Spaces (between plant root balls)

Now that the pot has been completely arranged, the next step is to make sure that soil is tucked in between the root balls. Adding soil between plants a handful at a time will eliminate any air spaces.

Step Six: Add Drip Irrigation

You can add a drip tube to the pottery. Connect to the existing landscape irrigation. Place a spike umbrella head style dripper inside the pottery for water.


For a detailed shopping list including a list of materials and plants used for this seasonal project. Check out the next installment: Front Door Fall Color – The Shopping List

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